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The easiest to use, most flexible and cost effective event registration and management solution, YA-YA REGIE is full of great features.


Regie Invite


So you are ready to invite attendees to your event? Then REGIE INVITE is perfect. A simple to use email event invitation tool.

Simply upload your data into the regie invite system, your attendee then clicks accept or decline. You can then track open rates, acceptances and declines, all visible in one screen. This is a great marketing tool for your event.

Regie Register


A fast and simple visitor registration process is just one of the many great features REGIE REGISTER offers.

Below are the other great features on offer from this powerful system. It’s the normal stuff but most importantly we are at the end of the phone to help you navigate and set-up the right fields.

Some of our unique features compared to other systems include:

  • Able to set-up event in three easy steps.
  • Once event is set-up you can copy the event at a click of a button
  • You can link your payment information directly into the system so money goes directly into your bank account
  • Special accounts section where you can access VAT receipts etc
  • Multi currency facility that can be changed easily
  • Ability to add extra fields to your registration
  • System is very intuitive so you don’t get lost after an initial 60 minute training session – clients love this approach
  • Create different levels of users so event organiser only sees their data.  Also you can create a users that sees only the reports overview
  • Allows bulk upload of delegates
  • Branding for event and creation of look and feel to match your organisation’s corporate branding guidelines are easily to upload via CSS web file
  • Built-in 1 to 1 networking tool, which allows visitors to communicate and create a preset meeting during the event.  
Regie Howdi


For a totally automated 1 to 1 booking system which facilitates peer to peer networking... REGIE HOWDI is the tool of choice.

Our passion is that no one should attend an exhibition, conference or event without making meaningful contacts. So we have a built-in 1 to 1 networking tool, which allows attendees to communicate and create a preset meeting during the event. Further increasing the value in them attending your event.

Regie Onsite


So you’re onsite and your boss says ‘how many people have arrived?’.

Rather than look at and count badges, look online and get a count instantly with our fast and efficient, inbuilt check-in system... REGIE ONSITE! No more waiting for stats to arrive at the end of the day.

Regie Web


Cost effective CMS event website templates.

Most events only need a registration form with map to allow people to register. But sometimes you need an all singing all dancing website. REGIE WEB is an off the shelf solution which has all those great features for speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

To take a look at our demo site, powered by Regie Web, click here

Regie Reports


Real-time information in a couple of clicks.


  • AlphaCentury
  • Asda
  • BIA
  • Hollister
  • ICE
  • J&J
  • Keith Prowse
  • JFDI
  • London First
  • Molson Coors
  • One nucleus
  • Royal television
  • Santander
  • Welsh Gov
  • BNP Paribas
  • Athena
  • connexis
  • DD Conf
  • Morrow
  • Orchard